GIS Fundamentals

This comprehensive, accessible, and reasonably priced GIS text is bigger and better!

  • Introduction to GIS that also covers advanced topics

  • Features dozens of in-depth examples

  • Hundreds of explanatory figures

  • Study questions with answers

7th Edition Improvements

  • Thoroughly updated, including new material on modeling, datums, global navigation, remote sensing, and databases

  • Updated student study questions

  • Updated glossary, data sources, and formulas

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Contents (PDF with detailed contents)

  1. Introduction

  2. Data Models

  3. Geodesy and Map Projections

  4. Data Entry and Editing

  5. Global Navigation Satellite Systems

  6. Aerial and Satellite Images

  7. Digital Data Sources

  8. Tables and Relational Databases

  9. Basic Spatial Analysis

  10. Topics in Raster Analysis

  11. Terrain Analysis

  12. Interpolation and Spatial Estimation

  13. Spatial Models

  14. Data Standards and Quality

  15. Future Trends